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3 Tips for Keeping Your Blood Pressure Low

I had preeclampsia with my first pregnancy which ultimately led to me pre-term delivery and my C-section birth. You can hear my whole birth story here. Since starting The VBAC Link, I get to meet a lot of women who had a similar experience as mine and want to know what they can to do avoid getting preeclampsia again. While no one really know what causes preeclampsia in the first place, some suspicions include poor nutrition, issues with blood flow to the uterus, genetics, higher BMI and other health related issues.

Because we don;t really know what causes preeclampsia we can't know with 100% confidence how to prevent it however, there based on suspected causes, there are things you can do to hep manage your overall health, heart and blood health, especially, that at the least will improve your overall health, and at best, can help you avoid getting preeclampsia again.

While the below recommendations are generally considered safe, I recommend speaking with your care provider before making any drastic changes to your diet and exercise regimen, especially during pregnancy.

1. Heart Healthy Foods

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2. Heart Healthy Supplements

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3. Exercise, especially low impact

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