• What is BRAIN?

    I am going to teach you the informed decision-making process called BRAIN: “Using your brain” B-R-A-I-N. What is BRAIN? BRAIN is a tool for making informed choices in pregnancy, labor, and childbirth!
    The result of using BRAIN is an empowering birth experience where you are calling all the shots. You can use the BRAIN acronym for making decisions in any health circumstance that applies to you, empowering you as the driver of your health care.

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  • Julie Francom Utah Doulaand Birth Photographer

    Student Midwife Announcement

    Announcement time!! Ok ok ok, so, this might not be news to some of you but, it answers a lot of the questions I have been getting so let’s make this official. I am officially on the track to become a midwife and I am SO excited. I have attended a birth assistant workshop and […]

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